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Intermediate Method - Download



The Intermediate Guitar Method (Foundation Levels) builds on the skills taught in the Beginner Guitar Method taking you through the techniques and concepts you need to become an intermediate player.

This 5 DVD set is nearly 9 hours of video, of which 2.5 hours is DVD exclusive only stuff (3 lessons for each stage, see this link for details on the DVD only lessons.). There are pdf files included on the discs for the lesson notes for each of the DVD only lessons - they are not found on the website!

Once you are through the foundation series you should start working on the Intermediate Style Modules which will give you a chance to use your new Foundation skills in the styles of your choice. You could try Blues Rhythm guitar, Blues Lead Guitar, Folk Fingerstyle, Solo Blues Guitar or Master the Major Scale.

Please note that NO SONGS are included on the DVD, you have to watch those on the website.

The DVD contains all the videos from the Five Intermediate Foundations PLUS:
• 3 DVD only lessons for each Foundation level (over 2.5 hours of exclusive video).
• Lesson notes as pdf files for the DVD only lessons.
• All the files for the JUSTIN Method as mp3 for you to get on your iPod.
• The pdf file worksheets for the JUSTIN Method training.

Now Available As Digital Download Too!
After hundreds of requests, we now offer most of our DVD products as digital downloads. Please read the following carefully and if you have any questions please email customer services.

Once you have purchased your download you will receive an email confirmation from a company called SendOwl. They will provide a link for you to download your file. You can only download this to your computer and then you can transfer the file to another device (like iPad or mobile device).

The file you get will be a .mov or .m4v file. They play perfectly on all Apple computers and most Windows PCs, though some may need to use an encoder like VLC Video Encoder, which is free.




IM-Foundation 1 (inc DVD Extras) 1:48:00 : DVD Only Lessons 0:32:00
IM-Foundation 2 (inc DVD Extras) 1:55:00 : DVD Only Lessons 0:36:00
IM-Foundation 3 (inc DVD Extras) 1:52:00 : DVD Only Lessons 0:31:00
IM-Foundation 4 (inc DVD Extras) 1:31:00 : DVD Only Lessons 0:32:00
IM-Foundation 5 (inc DVD Extras) 1:42:00 : DVD Only Lessons 0:21:00

Running Time: 9 Hours approx.
Contains PDF booklet