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Master the Major Scale - Download



In this DVD all 5 Major scales will be taught in Justin's unique and practical method. You will study one position at a time and learn not just the shape but how to use it!

Includes Extra Jam Backing Track 

You'll learn Pattern Studies, Single Finger Solos and Exploring Positions and once you are able to use a position, you learn the next... then you join them together to eventually able to play all over the neck.
Comes with comprehensive notes showing the scale positions the pattern studies and some examples. This method works!

This DVD is one I am very proud of, having seen many students work through this and come out being able to play the major scale confidently all over the neck. The DVD focuses on the G Major Scale throughout, exploring one position at a time and doing multiple exercises to help you USE the major scales. There is little to be learned from playing scales up and down, but a lot to be learned by using them, which is the big goal of this DVD.

Want to know your major scales and be able to play nice melodic solos over major chord sequences? This is for you! This is an Intermediate level product

Many people learn scales. Lots of people don't learn HOW TO USE SCALES. This DVD shows you how to learn and USE them!

Now Available As Digital Download Too!
After hundreds of requests, we now offer most of our DVD products as digital downloads. Please read the following carefully and if you have any questions please email customer services.

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Running Time 120 minutes approx.
Single DVD Disc

Format: PAL or NTSC
Extras: PDF Booklet INSTANT DOWNLOAD of PDF Booklet

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