Solo Blues Guitar Acoustic - Download

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Solo Blues Guitar Acoustic - Download

£15.99 £12.99 -19%


If you play on your own and like blues then you'll LOVE this. There are 9 blues arrangements by Justin, starting simple and getting pretty tricky - but fun all the way - and the music is complete on its own - no vocal required (though you could add a vocal I guess!) so you can perform these as they are, you'll be playing rhythm and melody at the same time!

As well as learning each song 'as written' you should learn to improvise with the skillset covered in the arrangement, they're arranged for you to be able to play about with them and explore them on your own!

Here is what you'll be learning

1.Walking Easy Blues 
Uses a classic walking bass pattern played with your thumb and using open notes in between. Can be played with a pick to

2.Walking Easy Blues
Develop your thumbs independence while playing melodic elements with your fingers. Great skill and improvising tool.

3.Gospel Blues
Works on using smaller chord structures and also the classic gospel blues movement (9th - 6th)

4. Slow Six Blues
Explores the use of the sixth interval to create cool and useful rhythm licks. This trick works well on an electric guitar to.

5.Contrary Blues
Is a slightly jazz tinged composition that uses a lot of contrary motion 
(One voice going up and one going down)

6.Raggy Island Blues
Uses a cool Ragtime style alternating bass part with the melody perched on top.

7.Single Line Blues
Takes you through some ways of incorporating single line lead guitar into your solo blues style.

8. Walking Bass Blues 
Introduces a few jazz chords and harmonies and a I - VI - II - V - I turnaround
while you walk the bass.

9. Craggy Bar Blues
This is a continuation of Raggy Island Blues and uses many barre chords and also uses hammer-ons and flick offs

Download information
d you will receive an email confirmation from a company called SendOwl. They will provide a link for you to download your file. You can only download this to your computer and then you can transfer the file to another device (like iPad or mobile device).

The file you get will be a .mov or .m4v file. They play perfectly on all Apple computers and most Windows PCs, though some may need to use an encoder like VLC Video Encoder, which is free.




Runtime and Encoding
Runtime: 360 mins approx

Contains a TAB PDF Booklet of all of the pieces.

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