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Manuscript Pad



I wanted some nice manuscript paper for my own transcribing so I set about figuring out what I think is the perfect manuscript paper for guitarists! Exclusive to this official store!

The paper quality is great and pencil rubs out on it well (you'd be amazed how often it just smears!), and the lines are printed well to cope with it. It's spaced enough to fit rhythms about the plain tab but with as many TAB staves on the page as we could get. The reverse of the page is TAB and normal manuscript which is really useful for writng regular notation, rhythms or harmonic analysis above transcriptions.

Tears off at the top of the page and ready hole punched to keep your transcriptions organised!

• A4 pad
• 50 sheets
• 4 hole punched
• top tear-off
• 7 tab + line systems on one side and 10 tab staves on the reverse
• Notation guide on the inside cover
(TAB + Stave)


ISBN 978-1-78558-371-1

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