We Came As Strangers is Justin's band project with Ellem (vocals), Owen (drums and production) and Tim (bass).

It's been often described as "Trip Hop", but is perhaps best described as a mix of organic and electronic instruments: programmed or real drums that are electronically treated or looped with layers of guitars, vocals and real pianos and basses.

Each album is written and recorded in just 2 weeks! We're too spread out to play live (Owen and Ellem live in L.A) so we get together once a year and make a record... We jam and record it all, go through it and find ideas we want to polish, explore, have fun and make records. It's about the best fun it's possible to have with your clothes on, we all live at the studio, a converted barn in Dorset, and with no creative restrictions on boundaries we really get to explore our creativity!