Maintenance Pack

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Maintenance Pack

£43.09 £29.99 -30%


Some people don't like to polish their wood, but most do! ;) If you do, this spray cleaner is the way to go (some household cleaners can ruin the finish of your guitar!).

Weather you keep your body clean or not, using lemon oil on the rosewood fingerboards will help keep them in good shape and not dry out (you don't need it on maple wood fingerboards - Rosewood is dark, Maple is light!).

Using a guitar neck holder is very useful for raising the neck off the table or floor when changing strings, and the Pro Winder Cutter will help string changes be fast and easy!

Included in this set are the following:

    Guitar Spray Cleaner
    Lemon Oil
    Guitar Neck Holder
    Microfibre Polishing Cloth
    Pro Winder Cutter